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Expulsion and the Nineteenth-Century Novel

Oxford University Press, 1994



This is a work of great merit, and may positively be recommended to all trying to see realist fiction by the lights of our times. It is very well written …, entirely free of the current cant and love of tricksiness.
Frank McCombie, Notes and Queries

… an overwhelmingly impressive study … As a corrective to all ready-made assumptions about the limits of what a realist text can achieve it is most convincing; as an example of original, perceptive, well-researched and gleefully written scholarship it is a delight.
Karen Scherzinger, Unisa English Studies

In fact it’s a wonderful book, beautifully written, ambitious, and filled throughout with large and small insights that should be of interest to all students not just of nineteenth-century fiction, but of more general relations between literature and the cultures within which it is produced.
Brian Rosenberg, The Dickens Quarterly

… this powerful and provocative book …
Amanda Anderson, Victorian Studies

… an important book with which all scholars of English realism will want to be familiar.
Sheila Teahan, The Henry James Review

Michiel Heyns manages something tricky with remarkable tact...  Expulsion and the Nineteenth-Century Novel is  a rich, complex, rewarding book, full of provocative and persuasive ideas.
Nicola Bradbury, Review of English Studies